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How to Choose A Best Life Partner

This is the line that really jumped out of me: “Picking the right person for the right reasons at the right time is an art form.” As divorce rates are becoming high now a days, It make sense that choosing the right person at the right time for the right reason always take time


Don’t make choices out of fear:

Lots of time many peoples choose a partner or stay in an unhappy relationship out of some kind of fear. It's always better to be alone & wait for the right person to come rather than you choose the wrong one & make a decision out of fear. This decision leads to confusion, anxiety & a general feeling of something being amiss.


Be careful of jumping into a committed relationship right off the bat: 

It’s like a suicide attempt to jump directly into a serious relationship when you have to find someone to have a connection with. When you don’t know that person yet & you are getting in a serious emotional relationship with that person you don’t know much about. The main problem is that when the time progresses you make find things that you really don’t like & also you are not compatible with.

If you have invested your lots of emotional energy in a very short time period, it may hurt you very deeply. That’s why Take your time before getting into a committed relationship. When we start a new relationship we are in the romantic stage of it. We often make choices out of lust & fantasy like projection rather than reality & logic.  


Throw out your checklist:

Everyone has an extensive list of qualities their ideal partner has to have. It is impossible for everyone to find out the partner with exactly that qualities that you want to have within your partner. Directly saying It is impossible to find out a perfect checklist partner

A great relationship always have an emotional compatibility, how does the person make you feel when you are with him or her as opposed to how does it look on paper

Let's see some qualities of a person that make a good relationship: Empathy, Integrity, honesty, reliability, Kindness & emotional generosity

If you find this quality in person go further in your relationship & think about marriage 

On the other hand being a world traveler, good dancer or having a sense of humor is nice to have but it’s not necessary to be there for a happy relationship


Have fun! 

If you take less pressure on yourself you will be happier & than you create space to attract the right people to you. Search For the Best Matrimony Website To get more result for your dream Boy/girl.



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